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Sorry, not Sorry (*anymore)
This is a sacred & strict bullshit-free zone

Hi, I am Badass Brand Identity Coach ÖZDEN SEVIMLI.



After spending big parts of the first chapter of my life doing splits (because I wanted to be all kinds of things to all kinds of people), I was finally torn into pieces. And the explanation is as simple as they come: I'm not good at doing splits. I never was. 

In a transformational process I picked up the pieces and – just like in Kintsugi, the Japanese art of restauration – using gold varnish, I put them back together to something much more stable and precious than before.

I'm done with splits now. I'm almost exclusively in hugging-pose. (After all, I have always been great at hugging – ask any of my friends). Because I am hugging all of my needs, peculiarities and golden patches, I am radically authentic, absolutely unshakeable and stronger than ever. I don't have to be anything to anyone anymore. If you don't like it, I politely wave you on & continue on my way ('cause I've got important things to accomplish).


I am a devoted expert in developing strong brands. During more than 12 years at market-leading corporations in 7 industries and 4 countries, I have managed several market-leading brands and launched many successful products.

I am also a coach, astrologer and Human Design analyst and love to interweave all these disciplines to help people become more authentic and sovereign.

As I pour all of my self into everything I do, you should know that I have a strong set of guiding values ​​and that my work style is intuitive, creative, positive, enthusiastic, humorous, solution- and growth-oriented.



The Badass Bootcamp was absolutely awesome and I am still sustainably enthused.
I have already read several books on the subjects of happiness, self-esteem and self-improvement; this bootcamp conveys the compressed knowledge from all these and even more fields of knowledge, all with the goal of understanding yourself better and to work out your true Badass personality.
Özden is fully in her element, absolutely authentic and energetic :) She shares this knowledge with a lot of power, charm, humor, love and an infectious passion, so that after each session you leave energised and looking forward to the next assessment and the next session. She doesn't just pass on theoretical knowledge - she has lived through this learning process herself and knows exactly what she is talking about. This makes her bootcamp full of practical exercises, aha-moments and everyday tips for living your own Badass personality every day. 
Apart from that, the nerd in me loves that she always gives background know-how and that everything is built stringently towards the 5th day - the Manifesto. The archetypes were great, I love this kind of typologies they are very practical.
Also, I loved the quotes she uses, so I'm very happy that they are included in the bonus material! 

I can wholeheartedly recommend this bootcamp to anyone who wants to understand and get to know themselves better and work on living a happy, fulfilled and authentic Badass life.

Zhi Xiao,
Bootcamp Participant

The reading with Özden was a real highlight for me, full of "nuggets" and helpful recommendations and practical tips. With humor, respect and wisdom Özden taught me about different characteristics of mine as well as their origins, and also incorporated her astrology expertise into the reading. Özden's extensive expertise in the field of HD and especially her sparking enthusiasm for the subject was really amazing, and contagious!

Although I had no previous experience with HD, Özden gave me the most important background info and basics in a way that was easy to understand, and she made complex knowledge easy to digest. I recognized myself in all aspects and descriptions and really felt seen and understood. 

With Özden's help, I can transfer all the information from my HD into everyday life. I have also received important impulses for my professional reorientation as well as major life issues, in order to be able to unleash my full potential.  

If you are looking for a competent, enthusiastic, sensitive guide for the important questions of life, or just want to get to know yourself better, I can recommend Özden from the bottom of my heart!

Human Design Coaching Client

I have been reflecting for 3 years

what I should be doing with my life.

I should have met Özden & FACTOR Ö in 2015.

You are incredible!

Workshop Participant

The collaboration with Özden was a true pleasure and has enriched us both individually and as an agency. :) 
Keep being so positive and intuitive in your consulting - both are worth gold!

Director at Digital Agency

I am very grateful that I was able to work with Özden. The impulses she gave us in the discussions were incredibly valuable. Her open mind, creativity and expertise helped us tremendously to develop a great product.

Participant in BMW Startup Accelerator

Özden helped us understand the true needs of our customers. After only one day, we pivoted and were able to refine our vision. Özden was by our side at all times with advice, support and critique and at the same time she always managed to bring us back to the core when we got lost in technical details for example. Translating our idea into a promising product with her was a great experience and I would love to work with Özden again - or even start my own start-up with her!

Florian,Participant in BMW Startup Accelerator

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