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Human Design - the art of
UN-BECOMING what you're not

Human Design is an intricate profiling tool that is part Science, part Spirituality. What makes it so incredibly powerful and massively potent, is that it is an unprecedented harmonious synthesis of the most fundamental spiritual and scientific fields that have never been brought together before. 

Based on your birth data, it gives you the blueprint of who you were born to be before the world told you who you had to be. It helps you uncover your innate gifts, strengths, weaknesses, superpowers, what you are here to be wise about and how you receive and transmit energy.

Human Design gives you your personal map to self-love and fulfilment. As you recognise that your quörx and peculiarities are not errors, but actually your superpowers, and once you begin living according to your original design is when life starts to flow.

Human Design teaches that the same advice is not correct for everybody, so it depends on your personal chart whether advice like e.g. the following will work for you or not:

  • 😵‍💫  You need to have a clear path & action plan for your life.

  • 😵‍💫  You need to have a morning/evening routine.

  • 😵‍💫  You need to finish the things you started.

  • 😵‍💫  ...

Human Design can help answer questions like these (and many, many more):

  • ⚛️  What attracts people to me?

  • ⚛️  What do I need to do to reach my peak energy level?

  • ⚛️  Do I need other people to fulfil my life's purpose or can I do it alone?

  • ⚛️  How to deal with emotions & stress?

  • ⚛️  How does my intuition "speak" to me?

  • ⚛️  Where am I "mutable" & open to influences and where am I "fixed"?

  • ⚛️  How do I make decisions that are best for me?

  • ⚛️  What is my ideal role in groups/relationships?

  • ⚛️  Why am I so impatient/ easily bored?

  • ⚛️  Why is it so hard to stick to one thing only?

  • ⚛️  Why do people think I'm lazy/ indecisive/ arrogant/ selfish?

  • ⚛️  ...

Get a Professional Reading to unlock the secrets & potentials of your Chart

A Human Design Reading with me will help you understand the fundamentals of your Chart. You will gain a very profound, yet practical understanding of your personality, your superpowers, your magnetism and sources of struggle. You will learn what your body, mind and soul need to be happy, healthy and full of energy and how you should be making decisions.

I am a Manifesting Generator 2/4 and I love, live and breathe Human Design. Each Reading is thoroughly prepared by me, presented to you during a 2h-call and valued at 333€.

If you're ready & excited to discover the sweetness of life, book your Reading today! 

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