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Identity Coaching for Everybody who wants Radical Authenticity

Personal Branding

 Uncover your factor ö 

Module 1

🔥  Discover your original essence

🔥  Uncover & reveal your natural gifts

🔥  Understand why you are here

🔥  Realize how amazing & loveable you are

🔥  See how authenticity is key to success

Personal Branding

 Embrace your QUÖRX 

 Module 2 

🔥  Your QUÖRX are your superpower

🔥  Celebrate your QUÖRX

🔥  Understand that you are perfect as is

🔥  Feel less different and alien

🔥  Get the courage to show your real self

Personal Branding

 Unleash your inner Beyoncé 

Module 3

🔥  Quit being your smaller, dimmer version

🔥  Stop assimilating to feel accepted

🔥  Accept that you are not for everyone

🔥  Sing independently from who walks by

🔥  Attract the right people like a magnet

Are you prepared to break that Damn Mold

& unlock your Superpower?


is a tailor-made

combination of 1:1 and DIY

Coaching Voyage

of ca. 8-16 hours.

In person (Munich only)

or online (globally).

Get in touch

& schedule a free 30min call

to specify your needs.

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